BDD 274 – Mailbag: Blood and Glory Information

Blood and Glory

Mailbag: Blood and Glory Information

On this episode I take some questions about the Blood and Glory Tournament.

I answer questions about the painting scores, movement trays and Conversions and expand on how the scores will be applied. I reveal some more information about the side events, time tables, ticket prices, open gaming and lots more.

Finally I wrap up with 5 Quiz questions.

1,How often is the Dark Moon Morrslib full?
2,What Blade was used in the sacking of Braquiron?
3,In what year did the Quest for the Cursed Temple-City happen?
4,What are the stats of the Changeling if he swaps all his stats using his Formless Horror ability with a Plageridden?
5,What is the maximum points you can possibly spend of Flamers of Tzeentch at Blood and Glory?


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