BDD 282 – Top 5 Mantic Games New Releases

Top 5 Mantic Games New Releases

On this episode I talk about some of the new releases from Mantic Games that have really caught my eyes.

It’s the ‘Summer of War’ and Kings of War is having a load of new releases as all the Kickstarter models are hitting the shelves.



5. Goblin Wiz.

This little guys is a nice model that reminds me of Mickey mouse in Fantasia for some reason.  A cute little guys playing as a grown-up wizard.

mantic games new releases


4. Flea Bag Riders.

A great looking unit at the usual great Mantic prices.



3. Were Wolves

Possibly the best models of this release, not higher for a few reasons though.


2. Trolls

Fantastic models that are Mantics own.  Love them!


1. Ogres

Mantics Ogres are a cracking range, and very character full with the ‘face of mantic’ leading the army.


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