BDD 299 – Mailbag: Getting The Most From The Magic Phase

Mailbag: Getting The Most From The Magic Phase

On this episode I answer some questions about the getting the most from the magic phase that were sent in by a listener,

Hello Ben,

First of all I would like to say thanks for all the effort you guys put into the Bad Dice Podcast. My friends and I got back into the hobby two years ago and your podcast has helped a lot with understanding the rule and game and just the most out of our hobby. As well as listen to something while we paint. I particular liked the reviews on each of the lores of magic.

However the one part of the game that gives me headaches with indecisions is the magic phase. So I have some question on tactics and if there are general rules of thumb to go by. There are a fair few questions I have in regards to magic. I don’t know if this large question is best to be addressed in a Bad Dice Daily Mail bag. If you are looking for material for the Bad Dice Dailys there might be enough here for a week themed on magic tactics. Thanks for answering anything you can anyways.

Casting Order

In what order is it best to cast your spells? If you fail to cast then it is the end of that wizards’ magic phase. So you should go with the spell you know you have a good chance of reaching the casting value with? What about the important big spells that you throw a lot of dice at? It seems as the needed cast value gets higher there is always a chance that the spell cannot be reached. This obviously also increases the cast value and the dice needed to successfully reach the cast value, which in turn increases the likely hood of a miscast. A miscast end that wizard’s turn can kill the wizard, drain power dice from other wizards and considering that a miscast is irresistible your opponent will not have used a dispel scroll or any dispel dice.

Bound Spells

I would also like to know how to successfully use bound spells in conjunction with a magic lore. By use successful I mean try to get the opponent to use up their dispel dice before I cast bound spells as I find the obligatory level 4 wizard has too much advantage to dispel in my opinion. In my default Empire list I have a level 4 wizard and two warrior priests. I find it difficult to get of any of their bond spells. I am I spreading my power dice over too many characters. The warrior priests are not always in combat at the same time as one is mounted and the other is on foot.

Getting Out Dispel Scrolls

What advice do you have for getting out Dispel Scrolls in early game turns to make sure you get off the combat buffs when you need it? Can all magic lores do it well? I find it tricky with the Lore of Light but easier with Heavens due to Comet of Casandora or Chain Lighting. Is it just exposing the weaknesses of your opponent i.e. using Shem’s Burning Gaze on a Chaos Daemon Prince or is it about your army composition like making a Light Council for banishment?

If this is all too much to address and you can only answer one then I would appreciate you answering the one in regards to bound spells.

Thanks a lot.


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