BDD 343 – iPad vs Hardback army books

iPad vs Hardback army books

On this episode I talk about the differences between the iPad and Hardback army books and why I like the iPad version.


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“Raze and Ruin is a 2400 point, 5 game Warhammer tournament on the 19-20 October and based in Leicester. It is being held at the Leicester Phat Cats gaming club, and is their first 8th edition Warhammer event. The club is well known for running a large annual War Machine event, and they are looking forward to expanding into Warhammer. There are spaces for 40 players, and currently 13 of those places have been filled, with people even traveling from Dublin, Ireland to play!

The event itself will be using a slightly modified version of the South Coast GT comp pack, and will have a few House Rules in place to hopefully increase everybody’s enjoyment. Out of the 5 games, there will be 3 different scenarios played – 3 games of Battleline, Meeting Engagement and Dawn Attack. Finally, there will be scores awarded for painting and sportsmanship, and a breakdown on how to gain these points is in the Rules Pack.

For more details, or to buy a ticket, you can visit the tournament thread on The Warhammer Forum, or you can contact me directly – either on Twitter (@sandals_ajw) or by email (found in the Rules Pack)

Hope to see as many of you as possible at the event!

Sandy Wilson (TO)”

The link to the TWF thread is:

The link to the Rules Pack is:

One thought on “BDD 343 – iPad vs Hardback army books

  • October 2, 2013 at 13:57

    Do you have any recommendations on which iPad version to use? I’m considering the iPad mini with 16GB, wifi and no 3G – pretty much the cheapest option. However I’m a bit worried about space. Is the 16GB version enough for the fantasy/40k rulebooks, a couple of armybooks/codices and supplements?

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