BDD 360 – WWCD Theme Lists

WWCD Theme Lists

This weekend is the Mansfield Maul (relocated to Sheffield!) and Themed Lists are the order of the day. I talk about the list I would love to take if I was attending. Daemons of Slaanesh.


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One thought on “BDD 360 – WWCD Theme Lists

  • October 25, 2013 at 18:49

    Ben, I use Slaanesh Daemons as my main army, purely because the theme is so awesome, but then surprisingly, is actually pretty strong. I dont know if you ever delve into your comments sections on your posts, but if you do, here is what I think of the units you asked about:
    Soul grinder – definitely worth it. In most games of 2k or 2.4k, you need something that is a distraction from your Daemon Prince or Greater Daemon. They are just too easy to pile everything on to, and they wont survive. They arent like Warriors of Chaos DPs. The soul grinder is enough of a threat that left unchecked with something like baleful torrent, they can be a real annoyance. And with toughness 7 they can really get in the way of something too.
    Seekers – Absolutely worth it! One of my favourite units. 5 of these puts out the same amount of attacks that a 5-wide unit of daemonettes does. Sure the steeds are lower WS, but they have poisoned attacks. They dont have flying, but then a 20″ march with fast cavalry is almost as good. Using these, you can set up your redirect, or you can power through to behind enemy lines to take out the chariots or wizards in bunkers. They are so fast and manoeuvrable that only other chaff can usually make for an intercept, and Seekers will knock through just about any chaff out there, whereas your fiends wont.
    Greater Daemon/Daemon Prince – I always go with the DP. The GD gets you an extra attack and wound. The other stat increases arent much to write home about because for most situations, there’s not really a difference between what they give you.
    The DP can have chaos armour, which is a big bonus. It stops cheap shots taking you out just as easily, and it means you can throw them into a combat of non-elite stuff and not worry too much about losing them to a few lucky 6s. You can also give it flying, which the Keeper doesnt get. That swiftstride for charges and ability to pop over and behind buildings etc is very nice. Ultimately though, the DP comes in cheaper when fully kitted, and I dont think the extra 25 points of gift allowance makes enough difference on the Keeper.
    As for the Hellflayer…I like it. It has its bad moments, but when it does work, it does wonders. Really, it’s a way to pile in those strength 4 armour piercing hits. The Slaanesh list lacks in stuff above strength 3 generally, and your options outside of your GD/DP are the soul grinder, fiends, or the chariots. soul grinder isnt manoeuvrable enough and only gets 4 attacks anyway. the fiends are damn pricey. I could write an essay as to what I think on fiends (i think they can be good, but only in one setup), and then you’re left with chariots. The chariots are nice enough. Those impact hits, and dont forget wounds going through for hellflayers add to alluress attacks for that round. They are still pushing out 10 attacks on the model even if no impact wounds go through.
    Finally, loci. Lesser locus of grace is absolutely worth it. I heard you talk about it only giving dangerous terrain immunity, but did you also miss that it gives immunity to look out sir, and stat tests? The stat tests thing is invaluable if you’re ever facing stuff like dwellers again, and in your unit of 40, that can be the sort of thing coming right at it. Best of all though really is the look out sir auto pass. this allows you to put that BSB outside of a unit (they are so squishy that if your big unit goes into a combat, that BSB is almost certainly dead by round two, if not earlier). being outside, you can put that BSB wherever it needs to be in range. Keep your 3″ near some daemonettes and you’re happy. Dont forget, this locus is only 5 points. 5 points is nothing.

    Slaanesh is all about synergy and control. You control your opponent, and dictate when things happen. Nothing is faster on the field, and with the spells that allow you to give random movement to war machines to stop them firing (!!), or even just to a big monstrous block to keep it out of where you dont want it…the possibilities are pretty endless. Take a look at the other spells in the slaanesh deck, and there are some nice combos. Too many to cover here (although this is almost an essay by itself now), but rest assured I have plenty of success with my lists. Best of all though is that everyone loves fighting it! It’s completely different, fun to play and fun to play against. No-one feels too threatened from all the S3 T3, but yet it has plenty of surprises that can just floor your opponent when they least expect it.

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