BDD 430 – WWCD New Dwarfs

WWCD New Dwarfs

In this episode I talk about my ‘What Would Curry Do’ list for the new Dwarfs

Runesmith, 2x Spellbreaking
Runesmith, 2x Spellbreaking, Flaming
Thane BSB
Thane General

27 Longbeards, FC, Strollaz
10 Quarrellers
30 Hammerers, FC, Flaming and In on Champion, Strollaz and Courage on banner
20 Slayers, FC, Flaming on champion, Strollaz

4x Gyrocopters (2x Vanguard)
1x Gyrobomber
1x 5 Rangers


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One thought on “BDD 430 – WWCD New Dwarfs

  • February 21, 2014 at 03:30

    Runesmiths can’t have the same runes so one will have to drop to just x1 spell breaking saving you 20points
    Gryocopters are amazing finally we have redirectors and a wayof drawing out goblin fanatics
    Looking forward to hearing how a aggressive in your face list works

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