Daily Episode 46 – Playstyles at the Pillage

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Daily Episode 46 – Playstyles at the Pillage

This weekend was the Portsmouth Pillage event run by the Pompey Pirates gaming club and Tournament Organiser Alan Thompson.  With 70+ players in warhammer and another 20 in other systems it was quite  a relaxed event in a venue that can hold closer to 180 players.  I took the opportunity to interview Ben Diesel and Jack Armstrong about their thoughts on playstyles of a player and how that influences list design.

Jack went on to win the event so it was great to hear the thoughts from a top player as his plans come good.

Final results were Jack 1st with Lizardsmen, Nick Pyn 2nd with Deamons of Chaos and Lorenzo in 3rd with Ogre Kingdoms.

I also announce a contest to win a ticket to the Golem Painting Studios ‘Deamon Day’ event.  tickets are normally £85 but you can get one for free simply by entering your name in the contest thread on the forums



One thought on “Daily Episode 46 – Playstyles at the Pillage

  • August 1, 2012 at 10:23

    Hi Ben, it was me (Andy Spiers) who came 3rd, not lorenzo…

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