Daily Episode 50 – Giant Fanatic

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Daily Episode 50 – Giant Fanatic

In this episode i have a couple of announcements, an episode sponsor and a special guest, no wonder its a bumper episode!

The sponsor for this episode is Ben ‘Panzer’ Harris and he says

Tzeentch Fried Lizard invites you to our bbq at the Midlands Open. Visit table 12 to try our Flickering Fire roasted skinks and whole Bolt of Change mutated Saurus. Or, in other words, Chris Tomlin you’re a chump and I’ll be taking all your toys off tomorrow. Your hero Panzer

Next announcement is that I am very sorry to hear Heelanhammer Podcast have just released their final episode.  Dan and Wayne have been a constant companion to my working week over the last 3 years.

So, on to the topic for this episode and that is Giant Fanatic.  I have a guest, Asger Granerud, to talk about the tournament scene in Denmark and the event that he has a hand in running.  GF tries to stay innovative by introducing different things to the event to keep it ahead of the other tournaments around, we chat about some of these things from years past and also what is coming this time around.  Check out the Giant Fanatic website for more details

Dont forget to enter our competition to win a ticket to the Golem Painting day.

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