Daily Episode 83 – How I Lost The Midlands Open

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Daily Episode 83 – How I Lost The Midlands Open

It’s quite a ballsy start to the show, “How I Lost The Midlands Open” is a big statement but  I really believe that I did lose the Midlands Open and in this episode of the podcast I try to analyse what I did wrong to fall from winning it last year to not even winning a single game of warhammer on the first day of the 2012 event.

I take a look at the errors I made in judging the meta game that had not only developed due to recent army books but also around that fact that the rules pack was both Win, Loss or Draw, a system that is seen less and less in the UK, but also contained secret missions that on their own could swing a game.

Not only did I have a bad list but I also played it very wrong in some match-ups.  I look at those games and address the issues that came from poor deployment, poor decision making and poor motivation.

I talk about some of the pitfalls that need to be avoided if you want to finish highly at a big event and some tips on how you can identyfy the problems and work around them.

I look at a few of the games that I initially said I lost due to bad luck, crazy dice or other excuses and pick out the problems with my game play, focusing on the mistakes I made in the game, what I could have done to avoid those mistakes and hopfully improve in those areas in the future.

Finally I round off with what is a big tip to help you along the path towards winning tournaments.

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