Daily Episode 98 – Warhammer In Sweden

Warhammer In Sweden

In this episode I am joined by Hampus Berg (@Hampus_berg on Twitter) to chat about Warhammer in Sweden.

We cover tournament gaming, how big the events are and how spread out they are across such a large country with a relitively small population.  The Gaming club vs Store gaming culture and how the number of quality gaming stores could impact this.  We also cover the amount of regular players in the local tournament scene and how this effects the quality of the play and also how it compares to the 40k and Warmachine scenes.

Hampus tells me about the origins of the Swedish Comp system and how widespread it is in their events.

Outside The Box

Finally we talk about Outside the Box, the first Warhammer show where English is not the hosts first language.  Check it out on You Tube 

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