Rankings Engine Changes for 2010

The Warhammer Fantasy rankings have adapted and grown in the UK over the last 2 years. Each year the Irresistible Force and Bad Dice team analyse the previous year’s data along with the growth and trends of the scene to see whether any adjustments are required to better represent the following year’s tournament results. As the system matures there is less need to make changes and as a result the 2009 rankings system remained unchanged from the year before. However this year we have experienced a tremendous amount of growth in both the Australian and UK Warhammer Fantasy tournament scenes. I have held discussions with many players and TOs throughout 2009 and gleaned what I could from the countless emails I receive each year with suggestions and queries from players. My goal is to ensure the rankings system is as good a fit for the tournament scene as possible and for it to be a fair, just and equitable representation of a player’s achievements at tournaments they attend throughout the year. So after much consideration the following change will be incorporated into the Bad Dice Warhammer Fantasy rankings for 2010.

100 Rankings Points Threshold

With the increase in popularity of tournaments in general we find ourselves in the situation where more and more events are offering the maximum of 100 rankings points. In just a few years we have progressed from having 10 tournaments that reached the 50 player threshold in 2008 to the 14 we had in 2009 and now 2010 promises to have even more with alot of the current 50+ player events expanding to be closer to 100 players.

A bi-product of this trend is the reduction in the spread of scores for players across the spectrum and a positive skew of the distribution towards the top end. This trend will continue as tournaments around the country continue to grow in size. The feeling is a slight increase in the 100 rankings point threshold will relieve the pressure on the system and provide some room for the rankings engine to grow as the tournament scene does.

For 2010 the number of players required to enable the awarding of 100 rankings points to the winner will be set at 60. This will be in effect immediately following the conclusion of the 2009 tournament season.

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