Facehammer and Clash events and new army projects

Facehammer and Clash events and new army projects – Episode 151
Over the last moth there has been half a dozen tournaments around the UK using the generals handbook.  the 3 of us went up to the Facehammer GT and had an awesome time.

In this episode we also talk about Clash of Swords and Fast and Furious.

Check out the events calendar at TGA Community for a full rundown of upcoming events.

New Projects 

We have all been painting new armies here are some photos.

img_0123-jpg-e290aa4c9b00a1a8adaa698bec39cef2 img_0124-jpg-fffdc8d5e5ca0f1849e59fbdcbaeb3e7 img_8085-jpg-8efeb9f0cf2e8c29ae9797273defde3b img_8087-jpg-8d59d84ac5dfba79f901ffe14fbe6f48 img_8086-jpg-7e5ee6e361e349075781d71589901e3e img_8147-jpg-e17097caa0f0d940c9bedee889b0e3fd img_8146-jpg-fb8bc02100f1cf97c2b9c187fb8049d7 img_8149-jpg-81b286ccf09c5318e2ca485a65f47306 img_8148-jpg-3929856c3c1b3037d70f6e01f765234e img_0133-jpg-b2484fd9d91f5381a35e2aa57bb7eff5



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