Fail at the first hurdle

Team England has landed in Berlin to a lovely sunny morning, hire cars have been collected and we are now on the road to Poland. Only the small matter of super coach, Bryan Carmichael, having lost his bag between London and Berlin and along with it the pairings sheets, army lists and worst of all, The Ashes.

Spirits are still high though and it will only be a probably if Australia actually win and want to take the trophy, as we all know there is no chance of that.

In other news the car ride is a bit intense as Chris Legg tries to figure out not only why the steering wheel is on the wrong side, but also why cars on our side of the road keep swerving and honking their horns!!


One thought on “Fail at the first hurdle

  • August 16, 2012 at 04:45

    NEVER SIR! This year the Aussies will triumph over the pomp and snooty-nosed-ness that you all represent! … ehem, oops… 200 years of colonial rivalry bubbling to the surface there… hehe
    I hope you guys have a great event and enjoy a few beers on behalf of all of us who aren’t attending!
    In the words that we Aussies all love to hate… “AUSSIE, AUSSIE, AUSSIE!!! OI! OI! OI!”

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