Forge World Bull Centaur Renders up for pre-order

The much rumored, often seen at shows and highly anticipated Forge World Bull Centaurs have just gone up for pre-order on the forge world website!

£55 for 3 of them.  I think its a great deal for the size of the figures!





Twisted amalgams of ferocious bull and Chaos Dwarf, Bull Centaur Renders are hulking and monstrous creatures who rage with a great hunger for flesh. The first of their kind were survivors of the Time of Chaos. Warped by the tides of horror that engulfed the Warhammer world, more than any other they were twisted into the semblance of Hashut, the terrible Father of Darkness to whom the Chaos Dwarfs cleave.

A set of incredibly detailed full resin models that comprises three Bull Centaurs armed with hand weapons and shields. Models Designed by Edgar Skomorowski. These fantastic models are available to pre-order now for despatch from Friday 31st August.

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