Forge World release warscolls for Monstrous Arcanum units

Monstrous Arcanum WarscrollsForge World have today posted all the war scrolls for the monstrous arcanum units.

Until now the only Age of Sigmar models from Forge World that had rules were the units found in the Tamurkhan book.

This release sees rules posted for units like the Basilisk, Carmine Dragon, Colossal Squig and Fimir Warriors.

You can download the full PDF on the Forge World website

Some of my highlights from the rules are the 4d6 moving Colossal Squig.  It has 16 wounds, and can put out a huge amount of damage with its 8 attacks hitting on 2+, Wounding on 3+ with -2 rend and D3 Damage.

The Carmine Dragon has an awesome breath weapon with a bravery roll against an opponents bravery to dish out mortal wounds.  Picking the right target to make the most of its bravery 10 can cause some real damage.

I’m looking forward to getting my Warp Dragon on the table as its the only Dragon in the Chaos Alliance.

Which rules caught your attention?

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