GT Heat 2 Top 3 Lists – AoS Daily 56

I have the GT Heat 2 Top 3 lists to talk about on todays show.

It was the Games Workshop GT Heat 2 this weekend. The event was covered by Warhammer TV with 5 games shown over the 2 days.

The top 3 places went to
1. John Kiddell – Death
2. Simon Weakley – Sylvaneth
3. Les Martin – Stormcast

Watching from the sidelines it seemed to be another good event and gears us up well for Heat 3 in July.

As ever, I will endeavour to get the results sent to the Rankings and the army lists sent in to the archives.

The GT Heat 2 Top 3 Lists

1st place. John Kiddell

Tomb Herald
Tomb Herald
Liche Priest
12 chariots
10 horsemen
Mortis engine
3 Necropolis knights

2nd Place – Simon Weakley

Treelord Ancient, Regrowth, Briarsheath, Gnarled Warrior
Branchwych, Arcon of Ages, Verdant Blessing
Drycha, Tree-singing
2x 5 Tree Revanants
10 Dryads
5×3 Kurnoth Hunters (4x Bow, 1x Scythe)

3rd Place – Les Martin

Lord Celestant on Stardrake, Staunch Defender, Mirror Shield, KeenClawed
Lord Relictor
Knight Heraldor
Knight Venator
5 Liberators
5 Judicators
5 Judicators
2 Fulminators
2 Fluminators
3 Prosecutors with Javelins

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