Life in the Age of Sigmar – Episode 126


Ben, Mark and new co-host Steve relaunch Bad Dice Podcast in the Age of Sigmar 


Age of Sigmar experiences

  • The 3 of us talk about our Age of Sigmar experiences so far.  
    • Which armies we are currently playing and why we chose them
    • What we have found when playing ‘out of the box’ Age of Sigmar
    • How we are building our armies

Rondbasing tips

  • We each give our current method for rebasing to rounds.  

Our Month In The Hobby

    • What we have been doing recently and plans for the next month
  • Ben –  Rebasing Chaos Dwarfs and Dark Elves
  • Mark –  Rebasing Elves
  • Steve –  Painting for his Armies on Parade display entry.

Photos of Ben’s Chaos Dwarfs and rebasing projects.

Next episode topic

Armies on parade and getting ready for the Maul, a multi system event that is in its 10th year and includes bonus rules for a Halloween theme


UK Independent Pool Document and Clash Comp


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  • October 6, 2015 at 18:17

    Glad to have you guys back making podcasts!! 🙂

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