Lumineth Realm-Lords Review podcast with the playtesters.

On this latest episode of Bad Dice we are joined by 4 of the playtesting team to talk about the incoming Lumineth Realm-Lords army release.

We cover the highlights of the book, lists and combos.

Initial impressions

The first Talking point is our initial impressions of getting the army on the table.
How the units interact with each other. What jumps out as being top picks and the general feel of the faction rules as a whole.

There are many new Age of Sigmar mechanics in the book so we talk about making the most of those new rules and fitting all the tricks into a list.

New rules that we really like are;

  • a spell that causes an opponent to spend double command points.
  • fighting twice in a row.
  • automatically casting spells.
  • shooting without seeing a target.

Lists and Play style

All the guests on the show have been playing with this army and have an idea of what they want to use in games.
we talk about where the power in those lists come from and the combos that you can spring on your opponent.

Teclis is a clear favourite and we cover how to play with and against him.

Here are some of the lists we talked about on the episode.

James Tinsdale

Alarith Stone List

Great Nation of Ymetrica

Alarith Stonemage (130)

  • General – Command Trait – Almighty Blow
  • Artefact – Mountain’s Gift
  • Spell – Entomb

Avalenor, the Stoneheart King (360)

Archmage Teclis and Celenaar, Spirit of Hysh (660)

10 Alarith Stoneguard (200)

10 Alarith Stoneguard (200)

15 Alarith Stoneguard (300)

Alarith Temple Battalion (120)

  • 1970
  • 2 drops
  • 1 Command Point (Battalion)

Bryan Carmicheal

20 wardens
10 wardens
20 sentinels
10 dawnriders

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