Shadespire Incoming! New Facebook Group and TGA Forum sections

You have probably all seen the new about Shadespire by now.  It looks to ba an amazing new games for matched play.

I’m throwing this out there now, but I’m willing to be this is going to be as big as X-Wing and similar huge matched play games that have the support of their creators.  If Games Workshop through their full weight behind an organised play system I can see a network of in-store events, regionals and world championships on the horizon!

With than in mind I am now all in on Shadespire (Without even playing it!!!) but the basic idea of the game just fits what I love about gaming so perfectly that I can help but want to dive all in.

I am hoping for a slew on new miniatures and expansions to cover every faction in warhammer!

I am planning to put out a Shadespire podcast once the game is out to cover all the new releases, but in the mean time I have set-up a new Forum Section over at The Grand Alliance Community.  I home this will be the home of all things Shadespire related.

To be a companion to that forum I have also set-up a Facebook community group.

Exciting times!



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