South Coast GT Review – Bad Dice Podcast ep 154

Team Bad Dice get together to talk about the SCGT event.

We start with the event overview and quickly get into the painting competitions and overall standard at the event.

There were some amazing entrants in both the single miniature contest but also the tournament itself.

Next we cover the gaming and talk about how we played and our armies performed over the 6 games at the event.

Ben played with Stormcast and used 2 Star Drakes, Steve used 4 Lords of Change and Mark used a Disciples of Tzeentch army.

We talk about all our highlights from the games and give thought on the various things we learned.

The show is wrapped up by final thoughts from SCGT 2017 and what we are looking forwards to next year.

Photos from the event


Things we talked about on the show:

Heelanhammer Podcast SCGT Coverage
Scenery Dice
Bad Dice AoS 6 Nations and Doubles


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