BDP 104 – SCGT vs AdeptiCon

SCGT vs AdeptiCon

On this episode Ben, Gareth and Mark talk about their South Coast GT and AdeptiCon experiences.

Fortnight in Fantasy

Pre event prep for the 3 of us.  Gareth was practising his Vampires rules and Mark had an 11th hour list change. Ben managed some painting to get some banners done for his Dark Riders.


  • Why is it so great?
  • Best Painted Armies.
  • SCGT the none gaming side
  • SCGT Coverage – You Tube


  • Loads of Painting discussion
  • We talk about the gaming side at AdeptiCon,
  • Gareth got to take out Tecilis!
  • Team Event thoughts.
  • Round up of our games in the AdeptiCon Championships

Gareths Query Corner

Gareth takes questions from the listeners


We wrap up the show

Give us your feedback by leaving a comment below or catching the 3 of us on twitter.




I look forwards to hearing what you have to say!

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BDD 237 – Top 5 AdeptiCon Experiences


Top 5 AdeptiCon Experiences

AdeptiCon finished well over a week ago and I’m still buzzing from the whole event. In this episode I talk about the Top 5 Experiences at AdeptiCon that I want to pass on to anyone who might be interested in attending in future years.

I hope you can take something from my Adepticon experiences and have them inspire you to do similar awesome things in your hobby.

5. Crystal Brush

The level of painting in the crystal brush was just amazing. Period. But it was not only the high end entries that had me inspired. The cabinets were filled with models from all ranges of quality from the eye watering incredible to the down right bad. I really enjoyed the whole set up and the inclusion of all qualities.

4. Exposure To New Games

My name is Ben and I am a Warhammer Fanboy. Its true. I mainly play at tournament or at Warhammer World and do not often take part in other games. I had loads of chances to look at other games being played, get demos if I wanted, see new models and manufacturers of hobby related products.

3. Warhammer US Style

No Comp, lots of scenarios. The silly rock hard no comp UK lists were nowhere to be seen, held at bay by the soft scores in both sports and painting. If you set out to win Adepticon then you need to have an army painted to a good standard and it be well presented. for the most part this eradicated the things like Vampire Counts using ogres as Crypt Horrors and Griffons as Terrorghiests or other armies bringing mismatched and un finished units and still playing like they want to win the event.

2. The ‘Con’ Experience

At AdeptiCon I could have played all day and night if I wanted. Round the clock there was things to do, places to hang out and generally loads going on. I loved this.

1. The Community

The main thing that I would take away from this event is the amount of new people I met and had the opportunity to hang out with. Anyone on the fence about competitive warhammer and unsure of attending an event should take this as an example of why they should jump right in. Granted, as a podcaster I was well known and had lots of people to talk to, but you can very easily arrange to meet people at the event and make tons of new friends!


Things I mentioned in this show:


If you have anything to say about this episode feel free to let me know by leaving a comment below or sending an email to

I look forwards to hearing what you have to say!


BDD 235 – AdeptiCon Dark Elves List


AdeptiCon Dark Elves List

Since AdeptiCon I have received a bunch of emails asking about my Dark Elves list for the Championships.

In this episode I talk about the list I used and how it went over the weekend.

  • Dreadlord, Heavy Armour, Sea Dragon Cloak, Charmed Shield, Giant Blade, Pendant of Khaleth, Pegasus
  • Master, BSB, Cloak of Hag Grief, Dawnstone, Heavy Armour, Lance, Shield, Pegasus
  • Supreme Sorceress, Sacrificial Dagger, Lore of Death
  • Sorceress, Dispel Scroll, Lore of Metal
  • 5 Dark Riders, Standard, X-Bows
  • 5 Dark Riders, Standard, X-Bows
  • 5 Dark Riders, Standard,
  • 5 Harpies,
  • 5 Harpies,
  • 38 Warriors, Standard, Musician, Champion, Standard of Discipline
  • 8 Shades, xhw
  • 8 Shades, xhw
  • 8 Shades, xhw
  • Hydra
  • Hydra

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BDD 234 – Adepticon Championships Feedback


AdeptiCon Championships Feedback

After all the talk on the forums and social networks this week about the post Adepticon fallout I thought I would put out my feedback as a podcast episode.

I give my thoughts on the rulespack, scoring and sportsmanship issues from the events and also some ideas that I have had to take the event forwards.

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BDD 231 – AdeptiCon Results

AdeptiCon Results

The Adepticon Warhammer Fantasy Championships results are in and the winners are:

Players choice Best Display – Brandon Palmer

Players choice Best Appearance – James Wappel

Best appearance – James Wappel

Mike Gerald close but….

Best Sports – Kev ‘Ruins’ Bruins

Best General – Mike Smith

Overall – Brian Moyer – Warriors of Chaos

Over the weekend I had 8 awesome games,

In the teams event I played with Walt Nichols and his Daemons of Chaos.

we faced Empire/Dogs of War, Chaos Dwarfs/Ogre Kingdoms and Daemons/Tomb Kings.

we managed to take out the ‘Nearly, But not Quite’ Award (2nd Overall)

In the singles event I faced Daemons of Chaos, Chaos Dwarfs, Dark Elves and Lizardmen

BDD 128 – AdeptiCon 2013 and Hobby Seminars

Bad Dice at AdeptiCon 2013

I’m pleased to say that Bad Dice will be going to AdeptiCon 2013.  I have purchased my tickets for the event itself, The Warhammer Fantasy Championships and the Warhammer Fantasy Team Event.  Hotel rooms are sorted thanks to Andrew Sherman from the Ohiohammer Podcast all thats left for me to pin down are flights.
At this time I have no partner for the team event so I will be talking with Mark and Gareth to see what we will be doing.  It may be that all 3 of us will team up with some US guys. I’m really not sure yet so watch this space.
One of the things that I find really interesting about AdeptiCon, and this seems to be a US kind of thing, is the event seminars.  For between $15-30, thats £10-20, You can attend a class with a top class award winning painter to learn about anything painting and modelling related from Basic speed painting tips up to sculpting faces and everything in between.  These classes are something that we don’t get to see in the UK and I am really torn between playing in the teams event or attending a few different classes.

Hobby Seminars

Its got me wondering if there might be space for seminars like these at UK events.  I could hire a painter to come and do a talk on a friday night before a tournament.  Or even convince a top player to talk about gaming.  If enough players were interested it wouldn’t be too difficult to pull off.
Looking back to when I was first getting into tournament gaming, the chance to sit and chat with the top players at the time would be too good to pass up, and I would have happily paid a few quid to cover the costs of running this sort of class.  I would imagine getting someone like Jack Armstrong to talk for and hour and answer questions about his Lizardmen would be very popular especially if you could then take that advice into the tournament the following day and implement it right away, even more so if you could tweak your list that evening and submit it before the first game like you are able to do at some events.
On to the hobby side and the UK has some amazing painters both on the tournament scene and off it.  I could imagine getting army painting advice from someone like Wayne Kemp or Steve Wren would be a huge help to some trying to secure a few more painting points at their next event.
If these are the sort of things you would like to see then let me know and I will look into setting them up. I could also do this as a webinar, and hold them online in the weeks before list submissions.
Its all food for thought and I think events like the ETC, Adepticon and other drawing together of various aspects of the hobby is an amazing way to improve the more ‘domestic’ hobby scene as the new ideas from these events are passed down.


If you have anything to say about this episode feel free to let me know by leaving a comment below or sending an email to

I look forwards to hearing what you have to say!

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