BDD 173 – Basing Tips

basing tips

Basing Tips

Today I talk about a few different basing tips to get a really great looking base with minimal effort other than applying off the shelf effects.

I used Steve Wrens Wood Elves as an example of an amazing looking model that has been produced without any high end painting techniques.  Steve’s wood Elves look fantastic by painting neatly with a good colour scheme and a simple but super effective way of building up the bases.

I also talk about my recipe for snow basing and ask for tips on Water Effects.

Some of the materials I mentioned on the show are: for tons of basing materials and ideas for all the army painter range.  You can also get all the Games Workshop basing materials from Og Games


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The book I mentioned on the show was The Name Of The Wind by Patrick Rothfuss

the name of the wind


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