Daily Episode 80 – What Would Curry Do at 500 points

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Daily Episode 80 – What Would Curry Do at 500 points

After playing and talking about 500 points games recently, I decided to write a few different lists with the goal of fielding a combined arms that would give a fun game and could be a great tool to teach new players the game.

The lists I wrote are;

Wood Elves

2x 8 Dryads
10 Glade Guard
3 War Hawk Riders

Dark Elves

Sorceress, Fire
10 Warriors
10 Repeater Crossbowmen
5 Dark Riders
6 Witch Elves
6 Black Guard


Wargor, Great Weapon, Heavy Armour
12 Gor, Extra hand weapon, Musician
12 Gor, Extra hand weapon, Musician
10 Ungor Raiders
10 Ungor Raiders
Tuskgor Chariot


Warrior Priest
18 Halberdiers,
10 Handgunners
5 Pistolieers
5 Reiksguard Knights


Episode 86 – The Lore Of Beasts Review, BoTC and WM/H ETC Reports

Episode 86 – The Lore Of Beasts Review, BoTC and WM/H ETC Reports


Episode Sponsor – Clash of Swords – A Warhammer Fantasy Tournamenta 1 day Warhammer Fantasy tournament at Firestorm Games in Cardiff called Clash of Swords. There will be 3 games at 2400 points per army (with some armies getting more points). The event will be on the 1st of September. The idea behind the event is to trial out a new comp pack that tries to balance the armies to a certain degree without changing too many of the rules for the game. Some people have mentioned it as being a mid-way point between SCGT comp (light) and ETC comp (hard).

Fortnight in Fantasy.

Ben: Nope, none. Warmachine ETC though……
Mark: BotC report, 1st place with his Tomb Kings

Painting and modeling.

Ben: Painted a couple of models for my warmachine army.  Totally failing with my CD’s.  Does anyone want to paint them for me?  A commission service do it in exchange for ads???
Mark has been painting his Orcs and Goblins and is plannign a small points game against Ben’s chaos dawrfs in the near future.

Other gaming, none GW

Ben: Warmachine ETC…….

Shout out to Elite Cadre.  A Warmachine and Hordes Podcast.  Hosted by Nick and Mike the guys from my ETC team.  Listen to their latest episode for an ETC review.
Also played Mental Football against my team mate, Simon. On Saturday night at the ETC.  Been playing MTG 2013 app on the iPad.

Other Reading, listening, watching.

Ben had been listening to Podcasts galore, Muse on Minis, elite Cadre, Chain Attack, Boosted Damage, All the Warhammer ones.  Also watched a bunch of movies. Muppets 2011, (only movie on my iPad)  Also saw Chronicle, Monsters, Latest Underworld, Drive.  New fave TV show is Country House rescue….. Getting old??
Reading Orion by Daris Hinks.  In an actual book!  Next up is fear to tread by James Swallow.  Sanguinius storyline.
Lore of Beasts Review.
We talk about the lore of Beasts.  How to get the best from each of the spells and also looking at how to make use of them when combined with other lores of magic.

Gareths Query Corner

Some of the questions covered this episode are: what is MR.  How well should you protect your BSB.  Scoring systems.  Dead wizard miscasts?  How to use Skirmishers, Small points games.

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Daily Episode 45 – Beastmen Lists at the ETC

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Daily Episode 44 – Beastmen at the ETC

The ETC lists have been publish today and 1 of them imediatly jumped out at me.  Step forwards one Shane Baxter of Team Northern Ireland.  He is using an MSU Beastmen list that I really liked the look of and I thing would play an awesome battle against he recent MSU Wood Elves army I covered in episode 30.

I started a thread on the forums to discuss the ETC Lists, I would love to hear everyone’s thoughts on this years teams.

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This is the Beastmen list from the episode:

Shane Baxter – Beastmen
Great Bray-Shaman : General, Lvl 4, Beasts, Dispel Scroll, Chalice of Dark Rain – 300
Doombull :Gnarled Hide, Heavy Armour, Shield, Arabyan Carpet, Ram Horn Helm, Dragonbane Gem, Warrior Bane – 343
Wargor : Tuskgor Chariot, BSB, Heavy Armour, Shield, Brass Cleaver, Dragon Helm – 236
Tuskgor Chariot : 80
Tuskgor Chariot : 80
Tuskgor Chariot : 80
Tuskgor Chariot : 80
20 Ungor Herd : Champion, Musician – 109
10 Ungor Herd :Champion, Musician – 59
10 Ungor Herd : Champion, Musician – 59
5 Ungor Raiders : 30
5 Ungor Raiders : 30
5 Ungor Raiders : 30
5 Ungor Raiders : 30
5 Harpies : Scout . 70
5 Harpies : Scout , 70
5 Harpies : Scout , 70
Razorgor Chariot : 145
Razorgor Chariot : 145
Gorgon : 275
Gorgon : 275
Total : 2596