Daily Episode 107 – Top 5 Models For 12 Points

Top 5 Models For 12 Points

Top 5 Models For 12 Points is an odd topic to talk about but it was suggested from a (predictably) drunken bunch of guys at the Black Sun Podcast.  Chris and Scott were arguing about the best 12 point model and wanted me to settle it, or even make things worse by covering it on the Daily show.

So here it is, Top 5 Models For 12 Points.  but first a nod to some of the units that missed out.  There are 19 units in warhammer at a base cost of 12 points and 5 of them are in the daemons of chaos book.  I decided to remove them from the running due to the fact that they would have dominated the top 5.  The other also rans were Squig Hoppers, Glade Guard, Black Orcs and Flagellants.  Each of them having good reasons to be included but also a good reason to be missed out.

So onto the top 5.

In the end I went for Bestigor, Chameleon Skinks, Dryads, Executionrs and Hammers.  You will have to listen to the show to find out the order I rated them.


If you disagree with my list and think I should have gone for a different Top 5 Models For 12 Points then let me know by leaving a comment below or giving me a shout on Twitter @baddice_podcast