BDD 142 – Top 5 Tips for Painting Bronze

Painting Bronze

Top 5 Tips for Painting Bronze

Todays show is not really a top 5, rather just 5 tips for Painting Bronze.  I’ve been doing a lot of this recently with my Chaos Dwarfs and have found a method that is quick to do and i’m pretty happy with the result.  Its super simple to do as other than tip 5 it only uses a large brush and some dry brushing and washing.

I start with a black primer (Games Workshop Spray in my case) and go from there.  All the colours I use are from the new citadel paints range.  I put the old version in brackets.

1 – Base coat with Warplock Bronze (Tin Bitz).

This will go over black in a single coat straight out of the pot but I prefer to water it down a little and do a couple of coats.

2 – Drybrush with Hashut Copper. (Dwarf Bronze)

To get a less scratchy effect than a true dry brush can sometimes achieve I like to keep the paint slightly wetter on the brush.  I use a large round Number 3 brush that I picked up at hobby craft.  You can go from Warplock Bronze to Hashut Copper in 1 step if you like or you can layer varying mixes of the 2. A good baseline is a 50/50 mix before going to pure Hashut Copper.

3 – Drybrush through Ghenna’s Gold (Shining Gold) to Auric Armour Gold (Burnished Gold).

I start by adding Ghenna’s Gold to Hashut Copper then going through a few mixes until pure Ghenna’s and then doing the same with adding Auric Armour.

4 – Add some shades.

You have a few options when it comes to washing gold.  Nuln Oil, Agrax Earthshade and Seraphim Sepia all look good.  Druchii Violet also has a nice effect on gold.  I create a mix of all of them, adding a few drops of Vallejeo Glaze Medium (or Citadel Lahamian Medium) and then an equal amount of water to the paint I have used (2 Pts Black, 1 Pt Agrax, 1 Pt Sepia, 1 Pt Violet, 4 Pts Glaze Medium, 5 Pts Water)  I wash between every layer of dry brush and do not allow the paint to pool anywhere. What this does is add depth to the recesses and smooth out the dry brushing.  When I get towards the lighter Golds I start adding a little Sotek Green (Hawk Turquoise) to the mixture, and possibly some more water too.  I apply this with a smaller brush and really try to limit the build up of turquoise to the areas I want to look weathered, but still covering all parts of the armour who it has a ‘sheen’ that you can see.

5 – Edge Highlight

Finally I edge highlight all the detail with Runefang Steel (Mithril Silver).  If you are not confident of getting a good effect with the sharp highlights you can easily leave this step out but it does help to bring the armour out and make it look less ‘dry brushed and inked’ even if that dry brushing and Inking is well done.
This is by no means a 5 step process, and I’m sure that there are easier ways to get a good effect when painting Bronze but this is the method that I have been using on my Chaos Dwarfs and I’ve very happy with how it turns out.


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