Daily Episode 81 – News

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Daily Episode 81 – News

This weeked there has been a few big bits of news that I thought was worth talking about.  Games Workshop release their 2nd Warhammer Fantasy iBook army book, Orcs and Goblins.  They have also announced the latest warhammer forge release from Forge World, The Magma Dragon.  Warhammer Fantasy Battle, the fan-based Warhammer group, has created a .pdf of some of the classic Warhammer units, updated to the most recent rules set.

A conversion and parts company called Kromlech now has their kneeling Highlanders legs available in their webstore.

Onto Tournament news, and you can discuss the Warlords GT lists on the Bad Dice Forums, and don’t forget to check out the Beerhammer results


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Pic’s of the Magma Dragon





Daily Episode 76 – Clash of Swords and Bull Centaurs

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Daily Episode 76 – Clash of Swords and Bull Centaurs

The Clash of Swords event was run at Firestorm Games in Cardiff this weekend, normally I don’t talk at length about an event unless we attend or have a guest on but I wanted to mention this one as from the outside it seemd like a masterclass in how to run a smooth event.  I also picked up my Forge World Bull Centaurs this weekend and review them.


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Daily Episode 56 – ETC Team USA

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Daily Episode 55 – ETC Team USA

In this episode I interview Travis Weyforth and Matt Cassidy about ETC Team USA’s preparation for the event.  This year will be the USA Teams 3rd time at the ETC and they hope improve on last years impressive placing.  Travis is playing Lizardmen and Matt is bringing the Daemons, they talk abotu how it can be hard to organise the team while spread over such a wide area and how they tried to make it work.

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I also talk about the Forge World Bull Centaur release that was announced in the Friday news letter