Horus Heresy Graphic Novel Announced.

The Black Library Weekend has finished and the big announcement to close the show was that they are producing a Horus Heresy Graphic Novel.

This will be a 100 page Graphic Novel written by Dan Abnett and illustrated by Neil Roberts.

The story will follow on from Know No Fear,  and be the story of Kor Phaeron being chased by Marius Gage after fleeing the Calth system.

The Horus Heresy Graphic Novel will initially be a limited release that will later be converted into a staple of the range and will match the format of the Horus Heresy Hardbacks

The Graphic novels will be all new content. No revisit of current books, there will however be the possibility to revisit and take another look at old battles, for example, a future release will be a return to the battle for Prospero from the perspective of the Space Wolves written by Gav Thorpe and illustrated by Karl Richardson.

Like a 500 Million Dollar Hollywood movie in your hands.  – Neil Roberts

Here are some photos I took at the announcement from my phone so not the best quality but you get an idea of the buzz around the announcement.

The Horus Rising audio book signed by Dan Abnett will be given away on the blog by Marcus later this week.