Daily Episode 57 – The Empire iBook and War Room app review

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Daily Episode 57 – The Empire iBook and War Room app review

So Games Workshop released the Empire iBook, and I wanted to hate this.  I really did.  It cost around £25 and I thought it was goaing to disappoint, but how wrong was I!
It is simply amazing and I can see myself spending £££ on these in the future,
Here is the blurb from the Games Workshop Website.
Warhammer: The Empire
Warhammer: The Empire is the indispensible guide to the mightiest human realm in the Warhammer world, its noble heroes and glorious armies. This book details the Empire’s bloody history from its legendary founding to the reign of the current Emperor, Karl Franz of Altdorf, and provides full rules for fielding an Empire army in the Warhammer game. This expanded Warhammer Armies book features interactive miniatures galleries, handy dictionaries to explain game rules, and the comprehensive army list includes all the Empire’s machines of war.
Much like the Space Marine and Necron Codexes that we have already put on the iBookstore, the Empire army book is chock-full of new features. In addition to the army list, the bestiary and the miniatures gallery you’ve also got several new features such as 360 degree images of many of the miniatures and a rather handy shortcut button for accessing unit entries. A simple press of a button takes you from army list entry to unit bestiary, and a second click takes you to the unit summary sheet, which means even in the heat of battle you can look up units, rules and other information very quickly and easily. One of the biggest features, however, is that like the Space Marine and Necron Codexes, the Empire army book is entirely up-to-date with rules and FAQs and will be periodically updated when new FAQs are released. Great news all round I’d say!
Since recording I have spent another hour playing with the iBook and I am even more impressed.  It is pretty spectacular.  Its just a shame that I can’t say the same for War Room.
Whats Good.
  • Not much.  Very disappointed
Whats Bad.
  • Slow
  • unresponsive
  • errors on account creation with no reason as to why.
  • Can’t track individual models in a unit and some units give only 1 option to add damage
  • When choosing a faction it only shows their badge
  • Has a built in timer that doesn’t alarm at end and pauses on lock.   And doesn’t disable auto lock
  • small stuff like when a window is open and you press background it doesn’t close window unlike most other apps
Generally really really buggy and doesn’t feel like a finished product.  I’m hard pushed to think of any apps that I use that are as bad as this.  If I’d had to pay to download it I would have been asking for a refund, after the success of iBodger I am astounded that this have made it to release.
To accompany this episode I also created a video review of the iBook.  Leave a review on You Tube and let me know what you think

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