Daily Episode 71 – News Round-Up

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Daily Episode 71 – News Round-Up

I have a round up of all the big news stories over the last week.  The Kickstarter from Reaper Miniatures finishes at $3.4m and the Mantic Dreadball kickstarter clears $60,000 in its first weekend.  Games Workshop release the Dark Vengance Box Set, a custom cut foam figure case and also announce Warhammer Quest for the iPad.


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Daily Episode 26 – Painting red and news

Episode 26 has news from the weekend including Tournament results from Blood in the Sun, Miniature Mayhem and Throne of Skulls.  The 40k 6th edition pre-orders are up and the Kings of War kickstarter closes.  I also talk about painting Red and getting a good effect.



Daily Episode 23 – Mantic Games Kickstarter

I interview Chris Palmer from Mantic Games about their Kickstarter campaign and how to get involved before it ends this weekend.

The Kickstarter has been amazingly well supported by the Kings of War community and at the time of posting has reached over $150000.  Chris also mentions the best way to get involved with the £1000 cash prize tournament.



Daily Episode 16 – Mike McVey

Today I am really excited to post up an interview I grabbed with Mike McVey at the Golem Painting masterclass day.

You can see the things Mike talks about on his website, Studiomcvey.com


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Daily Episode 6 – News, Results and Miniature Monday


Its #Miniaturemonday again, I talk about my faves from last week, White Dwarf News and new releases.  The Studio McVey and Mantic games Kickstarter campaigns, and results from the Club Challenge, Tempest and Birmingham games expo. #Miniaturemonday links – Cockatrice from @BkellyCS Another awesome Cockatrice The Land Raider from @ichibanpainting

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