Episode 90 – Lore of Life Review

Lore of Life

Lore of Life Review

In this episode the 3 of us get together to chat about the Lore Of Life.  Gareth has been playing with this lore recently and in this episode it really comes across how much he is learning about the game.

Episode sponsor – Tom Mawdsley Bjorn Supremecy,

What is The Björn Supremacy?: The BJörn Supremacy is something i’ve wanted to run all year, it’s an opportunity to test a comp pack used a lot on the Swedish tournament scene to see how well it does in the UK, it’s something never been used in the UK before to my knowledge. Please see the two links below for the comp and tournament packs for examples of army selection.Army lists need to be submitted to the address in the event pack no later than midnight on Monday 5th November, however if you want me to check over your list before that for the comp score just send it over whenever and i’ll do it as quickly as possible!Comp Pack

The event will feature 6 games of Warhammer over 2 days, all played using the Battleline scenario from the rulebook.

The Swedish FAQ pack will also be in force for this event, as the two were designed to go hand in hand with one another, please have a look at this and bear it in mind when writing your army lists, i will have some printed copies for use during the weekend also! We will be using the “semi-open” lists format from the below pack, which is essentially the UK closed lists that most events run anyway.

Swedish FAQ Pack

Where is the event held?: The Event will be held at the North-West Gaming Centre, in Stockport. The full address can be found in the event pack linked below. The Northwest Gaming Centre if a purpose built gaming centre complete with bar, hot snacks and space for over 100 gamers, it also boasts the Marauder Games store. Players do not need to bring terrain, all terrain will be provided by the NWGC

Fortnight in Fantasy


Mark and Gareth go to Beer Hammer Doubles tournament run by Mark Borland at the Milton Keynes Wargames Club.  This event had a beer festival in the same building!  They guys went quite well and took home 3rd place.  Mark and Ben got a game with their Warlords GT lists.  Dragon + Hyrda Dark Elves vs Empire with 12 Demigryphs a Tank and 2 cannons!  It didn’t go well for the Dark Elves.
Mark and Gareth got a game too, Gareth was trialing Empire with Lore of Life for the first time and really liked it, Marks still testing out his Orc and Goblin options.  We have a great chat about their list building theories.


Mark has been painting his Squigs using the Games Workshop Red paints.  Gareth is now a painting consultent, aparrently.  Ben has been getting his Chaos Dwarfs ready for the TWF Club 200.  We want listeners to write a letter to Gareth to get him to paint a model.

Other – Non Gaming

We have been watching a bunch of movies and TV shows.  We are all big fans of the Great British Bake Off so have been watching that, and also the New Season of Dr Who.

Lore of life

We take a loook at the lore of life and follow our review format of a run down of the spells and their uses in give situations followed up by a discussion about how to get the best from the lore by supporting it with other magic and also where Life is best used as support.

Gareths Query Corner

Alan Patterson on Facebook asks about buffing ballistic Skill shooting.  Jim1284 on Twitter asks about the Anvil of Doom and if its needed in all lists. Why don’t you See many Scraplauncers? Jim on Facebook asks can Empire work without Tanks and Cannons. How do Ogres beat Orcs and Goblins? Scott asks why Gareth plays Empire. We get asked a stupid question about Alcohol at Tournaments! Gareth talks about winning his first trophy and lots more….


We say a huge thanks to all the fantastic offers we had from guys in the US that want us to come to their events.
Check out Mohammer on Snake Eyes and also a Beer Hammer recording going up this week.