BDD 154 – Monstrous Cavalry Comparison

monstrous cavalry

Monstrous Cavalry Comparison

As 2012 draws to a close I want to run a Monstrous Cavalry Comparison as they have been the units that are the most talked about this year.

In this episode I run through, with a lot of help from a listener, Kristof, the differences between these units when pitted against each other and against some ‘control’ units.

Monstrous Cavalry units are truly brutal when unleashed and this test shows the power that they can unload.

During this episode I refer to a document that I have to compare the starts of the units and the results of the fights between them:


The test pits Mournfangs, Demigryph Kinghts, Skull Crushers of Khorne, Necropolis Knights and Bull Centaurs against each other and against some common Warhammer Units to see who is the king of the monstrous cavalry


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Tomorrow is the last show of the year and I will be doing a WWCD episode with a christmas theme so let me know what your christmas themed army would be.

I look forwards to hearing what you have to say!