BDP 96 – 2012 Hobby Review

2012 Hobby Review

Episode 96 – 2012 Hobby Review

Episode 96 is the last one of the year and we will be doing our 2012 Hobby Review. Its a bumper episode at nearly 3 hours long.  In Fortnight in Fantasy we talk about the Winter Incursion and Bjorn Supremacy events, what we have been up to in the hobby and all the other fun stuff that you can usually expect from the Bad Dice crew.


At the start of the show we mention that Bad Dice has now surpassed Podhammer as the longest running Warhammer Podcast (At least in terms of episode numbers, and not counting the Daily Show) Podhammer started back in August 2007 and their last episode was released in October 2011 releasing 95 episodes during that time.

Fortnight In Fantasy

In episode 95, Gareth and Mark said they were heading off to Stockport to take part in a tournament with a new style of comp system in place.  In this episode they report back on how it went, and have an in depth look at the workings of the Swedish Comp system.  Gareth also wrote a list to suit the system and talks about how he found it.

The 3 of us all went to the Winter Incursion event.  Ben used Skaven for the first time and has recorded a Snake Eyes episode to talk about his games.  Mark and Gareth report on how the weekend went for them.

In other hobby related activities Gareth has been trying out Magic The Gathering for the first time.

2012 Hobby Review

We go round the table and give our Best XXXX of the year.  Lots of hobby related topics but also some random additions to the list, and some great moments when Gareth grossly misinterprets the meaning of my Bullet Points!

The Topics we delve into are;

  • Army
  • Unit
  • Character
  • Meta army –
  • List
  • Combo
  • Episode (our show)
  • Podcast (other people’s)
  • Model
  • New paint colour
  • Tournament
  • Man
  • Ginger
  • Guns
  • Gamer to bend down and pick up a pencil
  • Best Smile
  • Person You Would Like To Spoon The Most
  • Gamer You’d Like To Take Home To Your Mum
  • Women
  • Movie
  • Book
  • Opponent
  • Gayest straight guy
  • Worst Player of the Year
  • Comp
  • Song
  • Album


We wrap up the show and close out the year.  I would love to hear about your favourite things in 2012.  Let us know by leaving a comment below or by cathching the 3 of us on twitter.




I look forwards to hearing what you have to say!


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