BDD 144 – Andy Potter’s Tournament Terrain System

Andy Potter’s Tournament Terrain System

I interview Andy Potter about his Tournament Terrain System.  We talk about the problems with terrain at events.  The issues that are faced when bringing painted terrain and having to leave it on tables where you are not playing and also the problems that you encounter when taking terrain with you to each new game.

The Tournament Terrain System

This is the system that Andy came up with.

Regarding terrain, I suggested this over ten years ago. Still never been adopted.


  • If people get no painting points for bringing scenery, they bring really horrible crappy stuff.
  • If scenery is left on a faraway table, players ae worried that their nice scenery will get damaged or pinched.
  • If scenery is left on a faraway table, it’s tough to award painting points when it’s not near to a player’s army.
  • If players take their scenery with them from table to table, the temptation to take scenery that vastly compliments their army is very high.


  • Players bring scenery and painting points/prizes are awarded.
  • Players take the scenery with them from game to game, but instead of using it on their own table, place it on the next-door table.*

This way players can keep an eye on their nice scenery and can easily grab it to set up next to their army when it’s paint-judging time.

* For example, if on an odd numbered table place it on the next higher numbered table (from table 1 to table 2, say). If on an even numered table, place on the next lower numbered table (from table 2 to table 1)

This was in use at the Beasthammer tournament last month.


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