Mantic vs GW Vampire army price comparison

So after our interview with Ronnie from Mantic Games I thought I would do a quick price comparison.

So i’ll start with the easy one, the Mantic Games MALAK’S LEGION OF DEATH – ARMY DEAL. This box set comes in at £99 on the Mantic webstore and an additional Ghoul Troop deal for £20.

That gives you the following stuff.

Vampire on winged nightmare/hellsteed
2x Vampires on foot
Wight King BSB
Wight King on foot

50 Ghouls
40 Skellies
40 Grave Guard
5 Black knights
5 Wraiths

So using 4 of the characters (Lord on foot, Vamp on foot, Vamp on Hellsteed and a Wight BSB) and all the troops, with relevant command group upgrades, the army comes in at 2350 points. THATS WITH NO MAGIC ITEMS OR POWERS!! So throw in a couple of hundred points worth of magic trinkets and powers (that could be as much as 600 points if you really wanted!) and you get either a 2500 point army, or you can scale the troops back to 2250 and have lots spare to raise with.

So now i’m going to have a look at the equivalent GW stuff.

Starting with the characters.

You get a Blood Dragon on winged nightmare, Konrad and Manfred on foot, The aristocratic Lady vampire, and a Wight BSB.

The troops are 5 boxes of ghouls, 4 boxes of skellies and 4 boxes of Grave guard, 5 Black knights and 5 Wraiths.

All of that comes in at £342.50. You can save yourself a bit of cash by dropping the winged nightmare down to a Mounted Manfred (use it as a hellsteed still), and using chaos knight instead of black knights (converting them with some random ghoul and skellies bitz) it comes down to £311. I looked at using the battalion boxes to bring the price down more but it includes zombies and a corpse cart so wouldn’t make a good comparison.

So on a £vs£ comparison you are looking at £119 vs £311.

With the Mantic stuff you also get Free foam carry cases, posters, the Mantic points system and You also get 2 Screaming skull catapults (incase you decide to do tomb kings too)

The main problem that Mantic has at the moment is a lack of Zombies,(which are in the pipeline) Dire wolves and fellbats. But there is nothing stopping you using the Games workshop range to fill the gaps.

You can buy both of these armies for 15% off RRP at