Daily 112 – Top 5 FAQ’ed Units

Top 5 FAQ’ed Units

I give my Top 5 FAQ’ed units, and by that I mean the 5 units that have benefited most from the latest round of Warhammer FAQ’s (Check out episode 111 for more details)  I based my choices on units that have gone from total obscurity to maybe being used a little more often.
5th – Witch Hunters
To kick of my list of Top 5 FAQ’ed Units I went for the Witch Hunter.  I don’t really think that the Witch Hunter will get used much at all but I’m a real fan of this guy so wanted to include him in my list.  A witch Hunter with The Ruby Ring of Ruin and a brace of pistols is 80 points.  I’m not sure if he will ever be used but its a fun unit choice.  I like the idea of 5 Witch Hunters in a large unit of Archers (or even Huntsmen) to let them march and fire.
4th – Skaven Warlord on Bonebreaker
The Skaven Warlord on Bonebreaker is a difficult unit to include in a Skaven list as he can’t get a look out sir from any other unit in the army.  The fact that he gets toughness 5 after the FAQ can make for some interesting options.  He gets 4 strength 4 attacks and 5 strength 5 attacks plus a stomp, before any upgrades and can easily get 2 or 3 extra without breaking the back.  Giving him a decent armour and ward save and you get a character that’s very resilient and can dish out some real damage.
3rd – Terrorghiests
Terrorghiests are already a common feature in Vampire Counts armies but its often a tough choice to include them over another unit that might be less fragile.  Due to the fact that the Terrorghiest can now scream into combat that itself is not involved in it gains a bit of an upgrade in power.  You can go down the banshee route to get this ability, but I’m assuming that you are probably already bringing Banshees.
2nd – Swarms. 
Swarms in general get quite a boost due to the fact that they crumble and also have a narrow frontage to present to the enemy.  They usually have a high number of wounds across 2 bases so can withstand attacks but will die to the combined wounds and combat resolution. The only time you see swarms in the current meta is bats swarms in a Vampire Counts army, but going forwards I can see Lizardmen and Skaven both using Swarms more often, particularly Skaven as they are an easy replacement to the Giant Rat packs.
1st – Tomb Scorpions
Tomb Scorpions are the unit that I think has gained the most from the FAQ and grabs the top spot in my Top 5 FAQ’ed Units.  They are a cheap throw away unit that has a bunch of special rules, is tough enough to not die early to shooting and isn’t a threat that will attract the attention of cannons.  They can sit in the Tomb Kings battle line ready to charge out to assassinate a character and can just as easily be used as a redirector if needed.  They crumble so take advantage of the ‘No Overrun’ FAQ and to make sure you crumble just turn the scorpion around as show its rear to the unit you want to halt, but try to make sure you can see to charge another unit and get out the way if your opponent doesn’t take the bait.


Let me know what you thought to my Top 5 FAQ’ed Units.  I’m sure there are some you think should have made the list so leave a comment below to let me know what they are.

Daily Episode 2 – Top 5 Tuesday 2012 releases


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