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Hey [wlm_firstname]!

Thanks for joining our [wlm_memberlevel] membership!

The very first thing you need to do is request access to the Snake Eyes section of the forums.

**********************THIS IS IMPORTANT******************************

To get access to the Snake Eyes Section of the forums you will need to CLICK THIS LINK to request access to the snake eyes user group. Your forum access will be upgraded with-in 24 hours (it usually only takes a couple of hours) you will need to be logged into the forum for that link to work.


Below, you’ll find links to all the important areas of your membership site. Please feel free peruse the site and definitely let us know if you have any questions.

The RSS feed below will contain the Main podcast feed and also the Snake Eyes episodes as they get added. In the not too distant future this will get updated to only show the Snake Eyes episodes on their own feed. At that time you will need to switch to the new feed. It will be at the same time it gets publically opened so you will not miss it!

To subscribe to this feed in your players just open your favourite podcast app and add the above feed as a new RSS feed.

[rss_feed_link slug=’snake-eyes’]

You can also browse the snake eyes episodes on the website ON THIS PAGE and play the episodes from the post.

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