The Bad Dice Masters

It is with great pleasure that i can announce

The Bad Dice Masters 2009

The event will take place in Derby on the weekend of the 9th and 10th of January

Invitation Criteria

The invitations will be handed out as follows:

1. Winner of the 2008 Masters – Martin Bunting
2. Top 15 ranked players in the Bad Dice and Irresistible Force Warhammer Fantasy UK rankings

The invitations will be sent out at the close of the 2009 Tournament Season. The last date for submitting results is Monday 7th December 2009.
If you receive an invitation to the Masters you have 1 week to confirm your attendance before your place is offered to the next player in the rankings.

As the tradition of the Masters grows from year to year we introduce new elements that enhance the experience for the players involved. As in the previous year we will be presenting an award to those that are attending the Masters, and we also will be presenting the “Best Army General” awards for the highest ranked player for each army at the end of the tournament season. or Download the Rulespack

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