BDP 107 – Army Power Levels in Warhammer

Army Power Levels

Army Power Levels in Warhammer

On this episode we review the Army Power Levels in Warhammer. This is an often asked question and we each write out our top 16 and give reasons for having the armies in that order. We also have our fortnights in fantasy and Gareth’s Query Corner sections.

Fortnight in Fantasy

We talk about what we have been up to in the hobby since the last episode.


Played a game vs Sandy Wilson Vampires vs Lizardmen and with a bigger army he added a banshee to his usual list.


Painting trolls that have finally broken him! Also finished the Black Orc Warboss and bought some Dark Eldar.

He has played 2 games with his Tomb Kings 1 vs Ben and one vs David Cameron.


Got a game in against Mark, Using Executioners and Cold One Knights!

As for hobby, I built a Death Shrieker for my Chaos Dwarf army.

Army Power levels

Here are the orders that we talked about on the episodes.


  1. Wood Elves
  2. Beastmen
  3. Tomb Kings
  4. Brettonia
  5. Orcs and Goblins
  6. Dwarfs
  7. Chaos Dwarves
  8. Vampire Counts
  9. High Elves
  10. Ogre Kingdoms
  11. Dark Elves
  12. Daemons of Chaos
  13. Empire
  14. Lizardmen
  15. Warriors
  16. Skaven


  1. CD
  2. Dwarfs
  3. Beastmen
  4. Wood Elves
  5. Brettonia
  6. Tomb Kings
  7. Vampire Counts
  8. High Elves
  9. Orcs and Goblins
  10. Empire
  11. Warriors of Chaos
  12. Daemons of Chaos
  13. Ogre Kingdoms
  14. Dark Elves
  15. Skaven
  16. Lizardmen


  1. Beastmen
  2. Tomb Kings
  3. Wood Elves
  4. Daemons
  5. Chaos Dwarfs
  6. Orcs and Goblins
  7. Ogre Kingdoms
  8. Dwarves
  9. Vampire Counts
  10. High Elves
  11. Brettonians
  12. Dark Elves
  13. Lizardmen
  14. Empire
  15. Skaven
  16. Warriors of Chaos

As you can see from the lists we are all following a similar pattern with a few odd exceptions.

Gareths Query Corner

James asks about Supectral Stalkers. George asks about double flee tactics. Keith wants our views on the new release schedule. Andrew Forest wants to know about improving night runners. Chumphammer Dale asks about Loremasters and lots more…


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