BDP 108 – Orcs and Goblins Lore of Magic Review

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Orcs and Goblins Lore Review

In this episode we will be talking about the Rollcall Tournament and doing an Orcs and Goblins lore review.

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Fortnight in Fantasy


I have been prepping for the 6 Nations event. I got a game in against Michael Biggs to trial my Dragon list and am really enjoying it. I have also made a new base for the dragon to extend the 50mm to 100mm. It will also be good for fitting into tight places during a game and removing the dragon.


Gareth went to the RollCall event ran by the MK Wargaming Society.


Mark also went to the RollCall event and managed to take out 2nd place. He used his Tomb Kings, a similar list to what he took to Adepticon

He had a game in the week against Vampire counts using his Orcs and Goblins with a Wyvern

Orcs and Goblins Lore of Magic Review

We review the Orc and Goblin lore of magic

Gareths Query Corner

Andrew asks about all goblin armies. Mike want to know about fanatics and victory points. Rich wants to know how Mangler Squigs works. And lots more Orc and Goblin related questions.


We wrap up the show

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If you want to get tickets for the Blood and Glory event you might be in luck as they are still on sale, there are 4 available at the time of recording. We have a few tickets available of the other tournaments over the weekend including WFB 500, WFB 1200 and WFB Skirmish and some other game systems to be announced. Check it out at

We look forwards to hearing what you have to say!

One thought on “BDP 108 – Orcs and Goblins Lore of Magic Review

  • July 7, 2013 at 22:01

    Hi, I have a question about goblin squig herd casualty removal. 
    Specifically, suppose you have a 3 rank unit with front rank goblins, middle rank squigs, and rear rank goblins. The enemy is only in base contact with goblins, so if they score wounds, goblins must be removed. 
    The question is, ***are the goblins removed from the front rank, or from the rear rank?***
    If they are removed from the rear rank, you can then build a nice squig herd unit with loads of cheap goblins and a few killy squigs that are untouchable in combat, which I would quite like to play. Go horde and have two ranks of squigs making supporting attacks, which are again untouchable in combat. It would be an orc and goblin version of the skink/kroxigor unit. 
    There are many discussions on the net about this, and the rules are a little bit ambiguous. BRB states (p51) 
    “Close combat casualties are removed in the same way as shooting ones. Although we can imagine casualties falling amongst the fighting rank, warriors in the ranks behind will step forward to fill any gaps that appear. Casualties will therefore be removed straight from a unit’s rear rank”
    The “therefore” seems a bit dodgy for a unit with mixed troop types: if the squigs step forward, then the goblins should be removed from the front, but if we read it as written then we do remove the goblins from the rear. 

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