BDP 109 – Warhammer ETC 6 Nations

Warhammer ETC 6 Nations

On this episode we talk about the Warhammer ETC 6 Nations event.

Fortnight in fantasy

Ben managed to get in a few games prior to the Warhammer ETC 6 Nations and tells how they went, Mark has brought out his Orcs and Goblins with 2 wyverns and Gareth got a game in against an odd empire army.

Mark has been painting and here are a load of photos of his wyverns.

Warhammer 6 Nations

Ben played with Team England and Mark with Team England B.  We talk about how our games went and our thoughts about the event.

Gareth’s Query Corner
Andrew asks about Goblins of the common verity, Christoffer whats to know about Tomb Kings vs Empire.  Mark M has a short but sweet question about Empire.  George asks about fear tests.  Gareth himself wants to know about charge reactions and lots more.



We wrap up the show

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