BDP 112 – Clash Of Swords and Warlords GT

Army Power Levels

Clash Of Swords and Warlords GT

In this episode we have are joined by Craig #FATCRAIG Johnson as we review the 2 recent events we have been to.

Fortnight in Fantasy

Comments from the Listeners. Thanks for the ETC coverage. Daniel Turdel from Sweden. Does Gareth care enough about Warhammer? Is he spoilt?

Craig has been building an Orc Bomber to convert into a Doomwheel and Ben has bought and built the new Forge World Taur’ruk

Clash of Swords

Gareth’s epic tale of woe! A grand total of 0 TP’s from 5 games. Mark really enjoyed his Orc list and also did quite well with it coming 2nd overall.

Link to the coverage

Warlords GT

Craig talks about his Skaven Deathstar army in detail. Gareth was on site on the Saturday and talks about his highlights. Mark had a bit of a nightmare that was of course all down to the dice and regales us with his misfortune and Ben talks about his Executioner Horde.

Gareths Query Corner

Gareth has an announcement about GQC T-Shirts and Bad Dice Badges

In this episode he asks about: Getting the best from the Soul Grinder. Cannons and 10″ from the back. Lore choice on the Slann, Skaven spells and casting into combat. Charging around fanatics, Runefang vs Pendant of Khaleth, Charge orders, The Moon Staff, and Dwarfs and lots more…


We wrap up the show

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