Age of Sigmar Open Day and Golden Demon


Age of Sigmar Open Day and Golden Demon

We kick things off with some Warlords Preparation Chat.  Ben and Mark are going to the event and talk a little about the meta and what to expect from the power level at the event.

Steve played at Alliance so we have some thoughts on the games, armies on display and the feel of the event under the generals handbook.

Age of Sigmar Open Day

Ben and Steve went to the Age of Sigmar Open Day and manages to have a good look round at everything on display there.
– Overall experience, the line up,what was at the event and what we thought of it.
– Forge World Dragon –  our thoughts on that along with the other new releases at the event.
– New White Dwarf , we managed to talk to the team and it all sounds very exciting!
– Displays – the new sylvaneth display with the realistic wood was amazing and we got some top tips on using unusual hobby materials.

Golden Demon

(55mins) Golden Demon (discuss some of the winners –
What was it like to enter
How do we win a golden demon?
– Categories to enter – some are more popular than others (unit, duel)
– Display Bases – get one!
– Choice of model – don’t enter just an army model (with exceptions), look for cool new models
– The rules! some models falling foul of the diorama rules!


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