Age of Sigmar Tournament Army Lists – Alliance – ep 147

age of sigmar tournament army lists

Age of Sigmar Tournament Army Lists – Alliance – ep 147

In this episode I talk about the winning  Age of Sigmar tournament army lists at Alliance.

The winner was Rob Symes with Order.

  • 9 Kurnoth Hunters
  • 3x 10 Glade Guard
  • 3x Gryph Hounds
  • 3x Hurrinaums with Wizard

2nd place was Paul Whitehead with Destruction

  • 3x Frostlord on Stonehorn
  • 1x Thundertusk Beastclaw Riders
  • 3x 10 Savage Orruks

3rd place was Andy Bryan

  • 2x Great Unclean One
  • 2x 10 and 1x 20 Plage Bearers
  • 2x 6 Plague Drones

All the other lists can be found in the Age Of Sigmar Tournament Army list archive

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