The Best Army In Warhammer – Weekly Episode 2


The Best Army In Warhammer

Raf Harbinson joins me as a co-host to talk about The Best Army In Warhammer on this weeks episode of the Bad Dice Podcast.

We start things off with the news and take a look at the results from BLACKOUT – A Black Sun Podcast event.

This event used the full End Times rules and also allowed scrolls of binding so we got to see some army builds an combos that would not normally hit the tables.

After the news was go into out featured topic for this episode, The Best Army In Warhammer.

Raf and I discuss the Undead Legion and try to decide if it really is the greatest thing to happen to warhammer since, well, the last time Nagash walked the tables.

We cover what goes into making a great Undead Legion lists. Nagash, and his impact on the list. Units that have received a power hike and lots more.

To round things up we cover whats happening at Blood and Glory. Tickets for the championships have sold out but there are still plenty of ways that you can come along and take part. find out more information on the Blood and Glory website

Snake Eyes

The Snake Eyes episode this week is all about Audio Books. Raf stick around to talk about why they are the next best thing to listening to Bad Dice, and which are our top tips for you to check out.

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