BDD 499 – General Principals, the basics you should know

General Principals, the basics you should know

In this episode I talk about 2 really basic rules that have a big impact on the game and are often overlooked.


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Daily Episode 39 – Buildings

Daily Episode 39 – Buildings

I talk about the rules for buildings.  How to enter them, exit them, how shooting is resolved and how a round of combat plays out as well as giving some tip and tricks on how to get the most from them during the game.

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Daily Episode 29 – Rules Thursday, Aligning Chargers

Daily Episode 29 – Aligning Chargers and Single Model Reforms

In this Episode I talk about the rules for Aligning chargers with regards to single models, unit vs unit and multiple chargers, I also talk about what a single model can and can’t do with a combat reform.

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