Daily 110 – High Elves Special Choices

High Elves Special Choices

I today’s episode I am talking about High Elves Special Choices from the MSU approach.

I compare the 3 main infantry units and talk about how 7 Swordmasters could be the optimal choice and how I prefer White Lions in 5’s with a Champion.  I talk about the way that the rest of the High Elves Special Choices can fit into an MSU list and how they compare against each other.

One of the issues with High Elves is that there special choices are similar to each other, the Tiranoc and Lion chariots and the Silver Helms and Dragon Prince units are not diverse enough in my opinion and I talk more about this during the episode.

I try to find a use for Shadow Warriors but in the end I feel that they are just best left at home and leave the shooting to the core selections.  I do have a use for Ellyrion Reavers though and think they can really work in this style of army.

Overall the High Elves Special Choices are all about the White Lions and Swordmasters backed up occasionaly by Dragon Princes.


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One thought on “Daily 110 – High Elves Special Choices

  • October 20, 2012 at 18:29

    Great to see some love for the High Elves for a change! Thanks for putting this together. Hear alot about the power lists but not so much about the under dogs which can make the show a bit repetetive/ predictable IMO. Def looking forward to hearing about Mark’s recent success, though it’s saturday now where’s Ep 92 ?! 😛

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