Daily 116 – November White Dwarf Review

November White Dwarf Review

In this episode I review the November White Dwarf and talk about this months new releases.

New Warriors of Chaos releases including Skullcrushers of Khorne, Hellstriders of Slasnesh, Chaos Warshrine, Valika the Bloody, scyla Anfingrimm and Festus the Leechlord.  The Warriros also get a new range of re-released Finecast Models.


There are 2 new Warhammer army deals released.  The Vampire Counts and The Empire.  The Vampire Counts army comes in at around 1500 points and you can easily get that up to 2000 by buying 2 boxes of ghouls and still having cash for another unit or character before you hit £200, Granted you would also need some units to raise but not if you built the army to not rely on that.

This months new hobby products include a new set of paints called ‘Edge’ paints.  They are for a final sharp highlight.  There is also a new Paint Station released in bright red.

In the rest of the magazine there are some really great articles.   The Battle Report between the Studios Warriors army and White Dwarf Editor Jes Bickhams’s Ogre Kingdoms.  Its really good to see an army that isn’t the studios taking part in a battle report.  I also enjoyed the post game review from Adam Troke, Phil Kelly and Jeremy Vetok, a great addition to the article.

Jervis Johnson talks about comp, and has a point of view that might surprise a lot of tournament regulars!

The rest of the magazine is full of good articles about lots of different topics but none of them are sub par.  Infact, I think this could be my favourite issue since 357 September 2009!


Let me know what you thought to this issue of white dwarf by leaving a comment below or dropping me an email on bencurry@baddice.co.uk


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