BDD 122 – Top 5 UK Warhammer Tournaments

Top 5 UK Tournaments

I have been asked by 5 separate people in the last week what would be my choice of event for people to go to in the UK if they were visiting from overseas so I thought it would be a great time to give my Top 5 UK Warhammer tournaments.

I’m almost certainly going to upset some people (and possibly some friends) with my choices as I will be missing them off the list, but these events are the ones that I always try and do each year and would be gutted to miss.
So onto the list.

5. The Sheffield Slaughter.

The Slaughter has been running for years and as far as I know it may be the longest running single system event in the UK, I think this Jan will be the 14th.  The Slaughter has a unique social atmosphere, in part due to the fact that it have been running for so long and old friends always try to return each year even if they attend few other events.  The comp pack over recent years (since the demise of the GW GT, which the slaughter was always a dry run for the final) has had its ups and downs but generally the Slaughter is a annual success.

4. The Maelstrom Games Team Event

A fairly new addition to the UK Calendar running only twice previously.  This event has brought a new style of gaming to the UK with the team aspect.  I can only hope that Maelstroms recent troubles and don’t effect the running of this tournament

3. The Throne Of Skulls.

This is the one that I struggled to rate.  It could easily be discarded as ‘not a real tournament’ and it could also just as easily be given my 1st place.  I’m going to ignore for a second that this is not a tournament, but more of an events weekend and focus on what make me include it in the list.

2. The South Coast GT

The biggest Warhammer Event in the UK and always a huge smash.  I really love the South Coast GT and I imagine that there a many people listening now wondering what I have gone with in first that could possibly be better.  The things that make the SCGT such a great event are the Organisers, The Venue, The Rulespack and of course the fact that almost the whole active UK tournament scene is at a single event.

1. The Merseyside Meltdown

Usually run in March-April but has had a hiatus for a few years, the Meltdown is rumoured to be returning in 2013. I love this event is for a number of reasons but the main one is the fact that it is in a hotel.  The atmosphere created by having all the players and the venue based in one location for the whole weekend really sets this event apart from all the others in the UK.
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