BDD 134 – The Empire Tactics with Dan Thomas

The Empire

The Empire With Dan Thomas

In this episode I have a guest on the show. Dan Thomas joins me to talk about The Empire Tactics.

Dan is a rising star of the UK tournment scene, having only played tournament Warhammer since April 2012 and attending just 7 events since then he has take a podium place in the last 4.

Dan has only played Empire at these events and has some great ideas about his list.  He also talks about some useful tips that all Empire players can take away in use in their games.

Some of the Empire tactics he talks about could be seen as quite unconventional, including blowing up his own Steam Tank for his own benefit.

We also recorded a Snake Eyes Episode where we talk about some of the ways to beat the Empire.  You can sign up at to get instant access and download the episode right away.

Here are the lists that Dan used in his last 2 events.

Beasthammer 2400pts

Battle Wizard Lord (lore of heavens) level 4, dispel scroll
Battle Wizard Lord (lore of light, general) level 4, earthing rod
Captain of the Empire, Battle Standard, banner of discipline
Captain of the Empire, warhorse , barding, full plate armour, charmed shield, sword of might
Master Engineer
38 Halberdiers, Musician, Standard
Detachment: 16 Spearmen
11 Empire Knights, Inner Circle, Musician, Standard, Gleaming Pennant
5 Demigryph Knights, Musician, Standard
Great Cannon
Great Cannon
Helblaster Volley Gun
Steam Tank
Celestial Hurricanum

Tempest VIII  2600pts

Arch Lector-War altar, charmed shield, heavy armour, talisman of preservation
Battle Wizard-level 2, light, dispel scroll
Battle Wizard-level 2, light
Captain-battle standard, banner of eternal flame
Captain-barded horse, heavy armour, shield, dragonhelm, sword of might, luckstone, potion of foolhardiness
40 Halberders-full command
detachment: 15 spearmen
6 knights-musician
5 knights-musician
16 crossbowmen
5 demigryph knights-musician
5 demigryph knights-musician, standard, gleaming pennant
great cannon
great cannon
steam tank


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