BDD 146 – Winter Incursion Results

Winter Incursion Results

In this episode I have a rundown of my games at the weekends Winter Incursion event.  I also Talk about the winners and losers from the tournament.

The results are:

Overall Champion: Mike Newman
2nd: Tom Harris
3rd: Jack Armstrong

Wooden spoon: Will Stacey

Best Painted: David Parker – Ogre Kingdoms

Most sporting: Steve Wren

Most bloodthirsty general: Tom Harris

Best Generals for each race.

Beastmen: Ben Diesel
Bretonnian: Georgi Sariev
Chaos Dwarfs: Mike Newman
Daemons of CHaos: Tom Harris
Dark Elves: Tom Cowlin
Dwarfs: Hristo Nikolov
Empire: Will Goodwin
High Elves: Ian Sturgess
Lizardmen: Jack Armstrong
Ogre Kingdoms: Lorenzo Ricagni
Orcs & Goblins: Matt Yeo (in a league of his own!)
Skaven: Dom Hook
Tomb kings: Zack Martin
Vampire Counts: Chris Legg
Warriors of Chaos: Yavor Bidzhow
Wood Elves: Adam Daly

Photos form the tournament will be going up on the Bad Dice Facebook Page during this week.

Snake Eyes

This weekend I uploaded another 3 Snake Eyes episodes all recorded during the seminar ar=t the black library weekender.  Next week there will be an episode about my games at Winter Incursion.


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